Windows 10 Preview – Installing

I was given access to the Windows 10 Technical Preview. I’m very interested to see where Microsoft is going next, so I wanted to check it out.

I’m not bold (stupid) enough to attempt to install on my work computer, not to mention my boss would not be very happy with me, but my personal computer is a Macbook Pro. I decided to install it on the Mac.That’s been a bit of work.

I set up bootcamp (Dual Boot) and first had to install Windows 7 on a dedicated partition. Once I had that installed, I hoped I would be able to jump right to the Windows 10 Preview rather than running through all the Windows 7 updates. However, the preview requires Windows 7 SP1, so I had to go at least that far. I ran through the updates until SP1 was installed and tried again, but it still wouldn’t install. I found that Windows 7 needed to be fully patched. I spent the entire day installing Windows 7 and all the cumulative updates.

This morning, it finally allowed me to install Windows 10. The process wasn’t as clear as I expected. When i clicked the link, it went through a ‘preparing’ phase that took a few minutes and then said ‘reboot to continue.’ I did that, but after reboot, nothing happened. I realized I had to use Windows Update to access the update.

Once the update was available and I clicked to install, it said download size was about 2.5GB, but it only took about 20 seconds to download (maybe it preloaded?). It then said ‘Installing’ and 0% for a few minutes before switching back to ‘downloading.’ Now it’s downloading again and the numbers look more appropriate.

More to come as the install progresses.


Is the MP3 history?

This is nuts. So Lucent sits around and waits until the MP3 becomes the defacto standard and then decides to start sueing people for its use? Read this Wired News article for more detail.
This could be a headache for people with large music libraries. I have 3,000 tracks and I know some who have tens of thousands. If we suddenly lose support for this, it’s going to be a mess.

I know Microsoft has just had a judgement made against them for something like $1.5 billion, but I think someone should develop a cheap bulk transcoder so that we can all convert our music to some open standard like the Ogg Vorbis format and leave these companies high and dry. They can take their marbles and go home. MP3 is a crappy format by today’s standards anyway.