My Poem: Distant Star

Distant Star

By Kevin M. Arth


I dreamt about a distant star
Up in the sky so very far.
Is someone out there staring back at me?
I decided then that I had to see.


I climbed into my rocket ship.
I’ve decided to take a little trip.
How was I supposed to know
Exactly where we were going to go.


I pointed my ship at that pinpoint of light.
I hit the ignition and held on tight.
My ship lifted up into the night sky.
I held my breath. It was time to fly.


I was leaving the home that I knew all these years.
I had trouble controlling my numerous fears.
I believed it was safe, or I would not have gone.
I believed I’d be fine. I’ll be gone before dawn.


I arrived at this place so big and bright
And I said to myself, “Oh man, what a sight!”
On this world was breathable atmosphere.
There were plants and, Oh wait, are those voices I hear?


A being walked up and offered his hand.
I accepted so excited, I could hardly stand.
He invited me home to see his house
And he even told me I could meet his spouse.


We became closer day after day.
I loved this place so much, I decided to stay.
And that’s how I came to be out here so far,
A man with his friends near this distant star.


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