The quiet riot against Facebook Messenger

Daily Dot has an article about the new thing Facebook is doing by forcing you to download the messenger app.  I don’t know why this has become such a big deal, except,

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Windows 10 Preview – Installing

I was given access to the Windows 10 Technical Preview. I’m very interested to see where Microsoft is going next, so I wanted to check it out.

I’m not bold (stupid) enough to attempt to install on my work computer, not to mention my boss would not be very happy with me, but my personal computer is a Macbook Pro. I decided to install it on the Mac.That’s been a bit of work.

I set up bootcamp (Dual Boot) and first had to install Windows 7 on a dedicated partition. Once I had that installed, I hoped I would be able to jump right to the Windows 10 Preview rather than running through all the Windows 7 updates. However, the preview requires Windows 7 SP1, so I had to go at least that far. I ran through the updates until SP1 was installed and tried again, but it still wouldn’t install. I found that Windows 7 needed to be fully patched. I spent the entire day installing Windows 7 and all the cumulative updates.

This morning, it finally allowed me to install Windows 10. The process wasn’t as clear as I expected. When i clicked the link, it went through a ‘preparing’ phase that took a few minutes and then said ‘reboot to continue.’ I did that, but after reboot, nothing happened. I realized I had to use Windows Update to access the update.

Once the update was available and I clicked to install, it said download size was about 2.5GB, but it only took about 20 seconds to download (maybe it preloaded?). It then said ‘Installing’ and 0% for a few minutes before switching back to ‘downloading.’ Now it’s downloading again and the numbers look more appropriate.

More to come as the install progresses.

MobileMe — Jury’s still out

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MobileMe is the new “Cloud Computing” solution introduced by Apple.  This service appeals to me because I frequently use different computers for working and I frequently have a need to share files with others for work and school.  This service promises the capability of syncing calendar and address book information between multiple Mac or PC workstations.  This cross-platform support is, in fact, a rare feature that is particularly useful to me.  The cost is $99, but for this type of seamless syncing, the price would be worth it.  However, it hasn’t been the simplest thing to set up.

I took advantage of the 60 day free trial to set up my MobileMe account on the 19th. 

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AT&T Pushes Wi-Fi Into Starbucks — Wi-Fi — InformationWeek

This is great news. Starbucks is behind the times charging for this anyway. I hope they upend T-Mobile with this. Now if only AT&T could get service in my area, I could buy an iPhone and take advantage of their WiFi all at the same time.

AT&T Pushes Wi-Fi Into Starbucks — Wi-Fi — InformationWeek

UPDATE: Here’s some details I learned recently:

  • If you have AT&T wireless service, this WiFi is free (they may ask you to buy a coffee). If you don’t, it’s not. 😉
  • If you have a T-Mobile Hotspot account, they’re honoring that agreement (not sure if this is indefinite, or limited time)

iPhone call quality outshines the pack, according to Gizmodo

iPhone ImageGizmodo posted an excerpt from a review of the iPhone. In it, they stated their test results as “Best they’ve seen” Here’s the excerpt.

The full review takes a very detailed look at the phone. They compare it with the LG Prada, the Trio 750, Blackberry 8800, Helio Ocean, and the Nokia N95.

The Wirelessinfo review has pages and pages of detailed analysis of functionality and feature comparison, but when asked if the iPhone lives up to the expectations, the answer was “A qualified Yes.”

At $499 and $599 for the 4GB and 8GB models and plans starting at $60, I won’t be getting one right away, but I’ll be watching for price drops and/or larger storage capacity options in the coming months.

More iTunes Woes!

A couple of days ago, I talked about the problems I’ve been having with my iPod since updating the software. Long story short, I had to back out the update and run with the previous versions. Today, I attempted to sync with iTunes and received an error: “iTunes cannot transfer some files to your iPod because your sofware is too old.” I was then directed to the Apple site to download the new version of iTunes.

Seems they’re going to force users to upgrade to a buggy software. I’m holding off. I have something like 15GB worth of music and more than 30GB of video. If iTunes wants to hold back a few songs, I’d likely not even miss it.

iTunes is pissing off a lot of people. This market is really heating up and they can’t afford to alienate their user base.

Blogging and Podcasts

I just learned how to create a podcast from a CNet podcast called The Real Deal. One of the requirements is a blog to post links to the hosted MP3 files. This is my first real blog entry. I’ll attempt to record a podcast in the next few days and will post a link to it here.

I don’t have any idea what I’ll say, but I’ll come up with something.