A Woman, A Mattress & A Car

I just linked my Posterous to Google Buzz. Lets see how it works.

A Woman ran over a mattress on the highway,
And decided not to worry — and kept on driving. 
The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough
To tear a hole in the fuel tank. 
The Subsequent Lack Of Fuel Is What Finally
Brought Her Vehicle To Its Knees. 
She Had Still Managed To Drive 30 More Miles
With A 60-Pound Tangle of Stuff Wrapped Around Her Drive shaft. 
She Had it Towed To Her Dealership And Complained
That The Vehicle Had A "Sort Of Shimmy" When She Was Driving At High Speeds. 
The Photos Of What They Found At Her Dealership……………….. 
The Last Photo Is By Far The Best.  
"Sort Of A Shimmy" — I'll Bet It Did!

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