Finally got off my butt and ran. it’s been 8 days

Friday evening, I decided to tape up my ankle and jump on the treadmill. It had been 8 days since I sprained it. This is what it looked like the night of the injury:

And now, eight days later:

I didn’t want to risk another injury by running outside again, and frankly, I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to do it.

It’s been over a week and, although I’ve been off the crutches for several days, I’m still taking Vicodin and Motrin for pain pretty regularly. Plus, my foot’s sportin’ every color of the rainbow.

I started off at a slow walk/limp pace for a couple of minutes and then tried to step it up to a slow jog. Well, let me tell you, that sucked. Treadmill said 3MPH and my ankle felt like someone had shoved a bunch of broken glass inside my ankle joint. I really thought that was it. I was going to have to quit.

I really wanted to spend at least 10 minutes on the treadmill before giving up, so I tried to push through the pain for at least a few minutes with the thought that I’d walk for 5 minutes if I had to, but I wanted to at least run some of it. Well, after a minute or two, the ankle settled down and didn’t hurt quite as much, so I kept going.

Every step was painful, but ultimately I was able to suck it up and get 3.5 miles in. The pace was pitifully slow (about 45 minutes), but it’s more than I expected, so I’m pleased with it.

I took today off to rest it, and I haven’t decided if I’ll go again tomorrow or wait until Monday. It’ll depend how it feels and how much pain I’m in the mood to tolerate. I really hate running treadmills, but I think I need the predictability to minimize the risk of re-injury until my ankle is a little stronger and a little less sore.

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