Lesson for the day: iPhone update and VMWare Fusion don’t play nice

This is not a particularly scary thing to see on your phone…unless you’ve been using it for months and already have 32GB of data on it.

I use VMWare Fusion to run Windows Vista on my Mac for work. I was in there when I was notified by Apple of an update to the iPhone software. I switched over to iTunes (in OS X) and initiated the update. i then switched back to Windows to proceed with my work while the update ran.

Unfortunately, one of the steps in the update was for the phone to restart. Well, naturally, when the phone attempted to restart, Windows recognized the new device and started to install device drivers for it. I cancelled the driver install and switched back to iTunes, but it was too late. The update failed because iTunes lost its connection with the phone (due to Windows trying to snatch it up).

It forced a phone restore, which I attempted. The first attempt failed. I had to disconnect the phone and reset it manually, then run the restore again. It succeeded on the second attempt, but it completely wiped everything from the device.

I’m currently in the process of reloading all my apps, music, pictures, etc. This will take a while, and I’ve lost trivial things like the locations of apps on screens and other settings, but it appears that no data was lost.

I just hope when it’s done that I haven’t lost all my email and calendar (CalDAV) settings. This will be a pain to reconfigure.


Posted via email from Kevin’s Ramblings


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