First thoughts about Google Wave

I’ve put a few hours into Wave, and I know that doesn’t make me an expert by any stretch, but there’s one little piece of perspective I’d like to offer.

Right now, we have some of the smartest, techiest geeks on the planet in there with their hundreds of thousands of Twitter and Friendfeed followers. Whenever someone like Scoble or Steve Rubel starts a wave, half the US tech population wants to jump in and be involved with these Internet Icons. I’m not saying that’s good or bad, but I am suggesting that it may not be a typical use-case. it’s like jumping on a conference call with 8000 of your closest friends and everyone trying to talk at once.

I think when some of the hype dies down, people will start using it in smaller groups for more specific conversations and the interactions won’t be nearly as confusing. I’m also guilty of this because none of my personal contacts is on Wave yet, so I’m stuck driving the Autobon on my unicycle and trying to keep up without getting run over. Once I have some personal contacts on Wave and can engage them in more focused conversations, I’ll have a better idea what niche (if any, as Rubel suggests) this fills.

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