Russia yields to Obama Star Wars U-turn – News

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Obama’s decision to change the plans regarding the Missile Defense Shield that was originally supposed to be deployed in Poland (with tracking systems in Chech Republic) was a very welcome change of direction by the Russian Government, which always thought these missiles were being put in place as a threat to them as opposed to defense against Iranian ambitions.

In response to this new development, the Russian government is planning to scrap its own plans to deploy counter-measures near the border of Poland.

I see the potential for a course-correction in relations between the US and Russia. There’s much to be worked out. The US is pressuring Russia to support Sanctions against Iran because of their unwillingness to stop their nuclear program. However, Russia is reluctant to go along with such plans because of the depth of their trade relations with Iran.

Russia has not yet given any signals that it’s ready to go along with these sanctions, but I believe there’s reason for optimism in light of this new information.

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