What happens when you act like a child on the floor of the House of Representatives

Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) felt it necessary to scream “You Lie” (or something like that) to the President during his Joint Session Speech tonight. Does he have the right to do so? I don’t know. I guess so. But he also has to expect that he’s gonna get called out for acting like a douche bag. Check out this image and read the informational paragraph. I’m sure it’s been pulled by now, but a friend was able to grab a screenshot before it got pulled.

Doesn’t the President of the United States deserve some respect even if you disagree with his policies? Apparently, the GOP doesn’t think so. It’s ironic that the adults that President Obama addressed were his audience yesterday. Yes, the school kids. Shame on you, Congressman Wilson.

Posted via email from Kevin’s Ramblings


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