I Received a Canned Response from Congressman Heller about My HealthCare Reform Letter

Back on August 4th, I wrote a letter to my Congressman in support of the House bill HR3200 and asked him to, in turn, support this bill when the House votes next month.  Now Congressman Dean Heller is a Republican, so I didn’t expect anything in the way of a serious response. I wasn’t disappointed, although, frankly, I’m surprised I got any kind of response at all from a Republican representative.

I did, however, get a form letter from his office today as a response. There was no effort to adress my specific questions or provide the information I had requested. Instead, I simply got many of the Republican talking points that are parroted around the right-wing media. They were somewhat muted. He didn’t mention mandatory euthanasia for seniors, for example, but he did say that he was against the plan because it would prevent patients from having any choices, would “force…100 million Americans…onto the government plan,” and would drive private insurers out of business. He also mentioned that the government would decide what care the patient actually receives. So, again, just more right-wing fear-mongering.

Here’s the entire letter that I received. I hope it’s readable.


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