NetNewsWire sync to be driven by Google Reader

The author of this Macworld article is concerned about this change. They’re going back to a freemium revenue model, which is something they used to do before giving away all their readers for a few months. The author seems to be concerned about Google having all of his RSS data. He’s certainly not alone in this concern, although I think he’s being just a little paranoid.

Yes, chances are, Google will be using anonymized and generalized aggregations of your data like they do with your email, Docs files, and search history. If Google uses this data to provide better targeted advertisement, is that a bad thing? I’m one of those people who doesn’t object to loudly to being exposed to products that I’m likely to be interested in anyway. I’m a Gmail user and a light user of Google Docs. Of course Google is my default Search provider. Google knows about as much about me and my interests as I do. I guess I don’t see this as reaching any major tipping point.

I dumped NNW in favor of Reader months ago, so I don’t get this author’s concern. The reason I switched has to do with rendering of the feeds in the Blackberry client I was using. It also had some sync issues that were annoying.  I dumped the Blackberry for an iPhone, but I never went back. I just don’t like the layout of the news items and the way articles are linked to. So I went to Reader and haven’t looked back.

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