Sarah Palin as VP ’09 – ’13

Back in September, or whenever it was announced, the McCain campaign brought Sarah Palin onboard.  I had misgivings at the time, and, for a host of reasons, I voted for Obama. I still think that was the best choice.  Here’s what I’d like to know.  With current events adding more and more substance to the concerns of many that Sarah Palin is the nutjob that some of us thought she was from the very start, is anyone offering any commentary or opinion as to what kind of mess we’d be in right now if she and McCain had won the election?

I did and still do think that Obama was the right choice, but I also think that, despite disagreeing with many of his policies, McCain would not have been a catastrophic failure.  However, Sarah Palin in office would scare me.  First of all, could McCain keep her under control, or would some of the outlandish stuff she’s doing now be made manifest in the Whitehouse as well?  Second, in the unfortunate event that McCain couldn’t finish the term due to illness/death, can our country be run effectively by a President who couldn’t even run the state of Alaska without quitting half way through?  What would she do, quit and go back to her salmon and leave Pelosi to be president?

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