Mozilla Electrolysis


My friend @Svartling posted this Ars Technica article about a new development effort by the folks at Mozilla.  It's called Electrolysis, and it's main focus is to bring multiprocess browsing to Firefox.  This is different from what Chrome was able to do.  Chrome has each tab of the browser render in a different process on the computer.  The effect is that if one tab crashes, the rest of the browser is unaffected.  The other benefit is that the tabs are effectively sandboxed.  Malicious code, theoretically, can't affect the content and processes on other tabs.  What Mozilla's Electrolosys project is doing is actually breaking up the rendering of any given tab into multiple processes.  One example they gave is that image rendering will be handled independently.  An overall benefit to this is that if a page fails completely, it can go down without bringing the browser down because the actual browser infrastructure is rendered separately from the content.  They can then implement a 'recover' button that will attempt to reload the page that failed without affecting the browser or any other tabs.

Here's what I find interesting.  They're using open source code from the Chromium project to leapfrog Chrome itself.  It's funny, when Google released Chrome, everyone questioned whether it would usurp Firefox, IE, Safari, etc., but what every analyst with an opinion agreed on is that Chrome would drive all the other companies into a development frenzy to keep up.  We've seen a major overhaul of the Javascript engine in all the major browsers and now this.  What's next, a browser OS?  Oh, wait, that's being done too.

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