Palin resigning and not running for reelection

OK, so <a href="“>Sarah Palin is not going to run for re-election as Governor of Alaska.  That's no surprise to anyone.  We all expected her to start a bid for President at some point and this is one of the steps in the process.  Question is, why is she resigning within the next three weeks?  As far as I know, there's no reason for her to do that in order to begin the 2012 track.  After all, President Obama didn't resign his seat in the Senate until after he won the general election.

A source for this article is quoted as saying, "She thinks she has accomplished goals she has set forward. She sees what a positive influence she has had on people's lives from traveling the country in the last year." 

So, what's going on here?  If she still plans to run for President in 2012, doesn't this move actually look bad for her?  After all, she made a commitment to serve the people of Alaska and is now just wasking away from that obligation. What will she do if elected President and decides she's no longer interested in that job? I don't think this looks good for her at all and even she's got to see that.  I think she's out of the running at this point.

I think what's more likely is that something scandalous has just been uncovered and is about to hit the media and she's trying to preempt some of the pain by being out of office before it hits.  What could that be?  Who knows.  But we'll probably be hearing about it sometime relatively soon.

Lastly, here's an interesting observation made by a friend (@nagrommit): What's crazy about this Palin thing is that it's not being carried live, and she's running it on a Friday–in fact, the Friday of a Holiday weekend.  This was clearly orchestrated very carefully.  Why?

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