AirDrives – Headphones for Apple® iPhone – INA099110

Check out this website I found at

Has anyone used these headphones for iPhone? Need to replace mine and looking for something clip on with decent quality and mic for making phone calls.

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Sarah Palin as VP ’09 – ’13

Back in September, or whenever it was announced, the McCain campaign brought Sarah Palin onboard.  I had misgivings at the time, and, for a host of reasons, I voted for Obama. I still think that was the best choice.  Here’s what I’d like to know.  With current events adding more and more substance to the concerns of many that Sarah Palin is the nutjob that some of us thought she was from the very start, is anyone offering any commentary or opinion as to what kind of mess we’d be in right now if she and McCain had won the election?

I did and still do think that Obama was the right choice, but I also think that, despite disagreeing with many of his policies, McCain would not have been a catastrophic failure.  However, Sarah Palin in office would scare me.  First of all, could McCain keep her under control, or would some of the outlandish stuff she’s doing now be made manifest in the Whitehouse as well?  Second, in the unfortunate event that McCain couldn’t finish the term due to illness/death, can our country be run effectively by a President who couldn’t even run the state of Alaska without quitting half way through?  What would she do, quit and go back to her salmon and leave Pelosi to be president?

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Feeding the Eagles, wow really beautiful

In January the weather was so cold that the bald eagles were cruising over our houses looking for hapless cats to make a quick meal.  Some kind souls decided to feed the eagles down at Goose Spit so they would survive the cold spell.  Here's what happened!
A former teaching colleague took these photos in front of his home.  They are incredible!

What a sight to see…
 Feeding the Eagles! Comox, B.C., Vancouver Island , Jan. 2009

A beautiful morning feeding the eagles. Jan.2009

Feeding the Eagles Jan.2009

Eagles fighting for the fish. Jan.2009

No zoom! I was this close! Jan.2009

Aren't they funny!? Jan.2009

Here are the men that were feeding them Jan.2009





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5 lies that are OK to tell when dealing in the business world

My wife is very in tune with the business world and spends time reading professional journals.  Based on some research via these journals, she's recently compiled this short list of lies that are generally considered acceptable when dealing in the business world. I thought I'd share them:

  • Your worth. It’s reasonable to exaggerate your preferred salary amount by 10 to 20 percent, given of course that you’re actually worth it. By showing that you value yourself, people will be more likely to consider a price closer to what you’ve asked for, and there will be more room to negotiate down.
  • Your future plans. Planning on starting a family in a year or two? Trying to launch your own business in your free time? Keep it to yourself. Employers want to think that your world revolves around them… Any talk of further aspirations plants the seed that they’ll eventually need to replace you.
  • Your experience. Sure, you’re a public speaker. The toasts you’ve given at the past four weddings have brought tears to people’s eyes — and that counts for something, doesn’t it? Well, yes, actually it does. If you’re confident about a skill but haven’t necessarily been paid for it, then go ahead and add it to your resume. But the trick is that you have to be able to “make it real” if required.
  • Your health. Maybe you took some time off a few years back to deal with an illness, or you struggle with an occasional bout of depression. Anything regarding your health is strictly your business, and you’re not obligated to tell anyone if they ask.
  • Your tardiness. You missed the most important meeting of the month because you forgot to set your alarm. Do you admit this to your boss? Absolutely not. In a situation like this, the truth can do way more harm than a little white lie. But beware, you can only use the “family emergency” and “flat tire” cards once or twice before people begin to call your bluff — so play them wisely!

If you can think of others, I'd be interested in hearing abou them…

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