MobileMe — Jury’s still out

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MobileMe is the new “Cloud Computing” solution introduced by Apple.  This service appeals to me because I frequently use different computers for working and I frequently have a need to share files with others for work and school.  This service promises the capability of syncing calendar and address book information between multiple Mac or PC workstations.  This cross-platform support is, in fact, a rare feature that is particularly useful to me.  The cost is $99, but for this type of seamless syncing, the price would be worth it.  However, it hasn’t been the simplest thing to set up.

I took advantage of the 60 day free trial to set up my MobileMe account on the 19th. 

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Obama and McCain tied according to Gallup poll

So, they’re tied for now.  Obama’s lead has gone up and down over the past couple of weeks, but I don’t think McCain has ever passed him up.

After the mess Bush created, you’d think Obama would have a wider margin, but I’ll take any margin at all as long as Obama’s the one on top.

Here’s poll details:

Gallup Daily: McCain, Obama Remain Tied