Jay Rockefeller, Patrick Leahy, Silvestre Reyes and John Conyers – Scare Tactics and Our Surveillance Bill – washingtonpost.com

Our FISA bill is set to expire. The Senate passed new legislation that would restore it, but this legislation also provided for retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies who provided intelligence to the Government.  The House has a problem with this latter part and is working to find a workable bill that doesn’t provide such blanket immunity.  However, the resultant delay has President Bush up in arms.

Bush feels that by delaying or resisting to pass the bill as currently configured, we’re jeopardizing our ability to track the activities of terrorist organizations and “American lives could be lost.”

Bush has promised to veto any bill that doesn’t contain this immunity.  The House is still working on the wording of the bill, but has offered to put forth a temporary measure to extent the power of the current law until this issue can be resolved.  Bush has promised to veto any extensions.

These congress members are calling him out.  What exactly is Bush’s motive here?  Check out this article.


Quote of the day:

“The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.”
-David Friedman

AT&T Pushes Wi-Fi Into Starbucks — Wi-Fi — InformationWeek

This is great news. Starbucks is behind the times charging for this anyway. I hope they upend T-Mobile with this. Now if only AT&T could get service in my area, I could buy an iPhone and take advantage of their WiFi all at the same time.

AT&T Pushes Wi-Fi Into Starbucks — Wi-Fi — InformationWeek

UPDATE: Here’s some details I learned recently:

  • If you have AT&T wireless service, this WiFi is free (they may ask you to buy a coffee). If you don’t, it’s not. 😉
  • If you have a T-Mobile Hotspot account, they’re honoring that agreement (not sure if this is indefinite, or limited time)