U.S., Iraqi School Teacher Create Peace Bridge for Students from Brooklyn to Baghdad

I was watching my news show, Democracy Now!, and I learned of a school teacher named Bruce Wallace who had been in contact with an Iraqi school teacher named Nesreen. Bruce’s nephew was killed when one of the World Trade Center towers collapsed. He was looking for a productive outlet for his grief and found it in this project.

Through much research, he was able to connect with Nesreen and began conversing with her. He arranged for his students to start communicating with her students and now they share some of the things that they face on a daily basis — some of the things that we never think of, like explaining the dead body on the side of the road as you walk your son or daughter to school in the morning, or how your classmate won’t be back because she’s been kidnapped or killed.

The story is really very touching and I encourage you to see it. You can access transcripts as well as audio and video interviews by clicking here. Bruce has set up a blog here.

Bush needs to be stopped before he decides to annex the middle east. The more noise we can make, the better off we’ll all (Americans and Iraqis alike) be.


2 comments on “U.S., Iraqi School Teacher Create Peace Bridge for Students from Brooklyn to Baghdad

  1. Waw!
    How nice to find this so far from New York. To take advantage of N’s short visa time we’ve been doing a bunch of speaking engagements, but most have been in the Northeast.

    What’s the view of the occupation from Dayton? Does anyone out there care about the hell we have visited on the innocent Iraqis caught in the killing zone? It’s so hard to judge from here.
    Bruce Wallace = PT Witte in Second Life


  2. So hard to say. I don’t often have a chance to hear the opinions of others, but what I do hear has more to do with the the cost in American lives and, of course, the toll it’s taking on the US budget. Many don’t seem to think about what we’re doing to the Iraqis in the process.

    I’m honored that you took the time to visit my site. I have great respect for the work you’re doing and I wish you the best in your continued struggle. Of course, my thoughts are also with you as you continue to struggle with the loss of your nephew.


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