PCWorld iPhone Stress Test

OK, this guy had me sweating and I don’t own the thing. Check out the video:



iPhone call quality outshines the pack, according to Gizmodo

iPhone ImageGizmodo posted an excerpt from a wirelessinfo.com review of the iPhone. In it, they stated their test results as “Best they’ve seen” Here’s the excerpt.

The full wirelessinfo.com review takes a very detailed look at the phone. They compare it with the LG Prada, the Trio 750, Blackberry 8800, Helio Ocean, and the Nokia N95.

The Wirelessinfo review has pages and pages of detailed analysis of functionality and feature comparison, but when asked if the iPhone lives up to the expectations, the answer was “A qualified Yes.”

At $499 and $599 for the 4GB and 8GB models and plans starting at $60, I won’t be getting one right away, but I’ll be watching for price drops and/or larger storage capacity options in the coming months.

So, why did humans lose their hair, anyway?

Ever wondered why we’re the only primate species that doesn’t have body hair? Of course, no one knows for sure, but there are some theories.

Did we go through a semi-aquatic phase in our evolution and so shed our hair for efficiency in the water much like whales? Perhaps, when we left the trees for the African Savanna, we got too hot in direct sunlight. Never heard of the former. Not sure if I buy that one. The latter seems reasonable.

But, have you heard of this one? We did it for hygiene reasons.
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HTML Earrings…

If you know a little HTML, you’ll appreciate this…

Anybody can have a bad hair day, but you should never walk around without a properly formatted <head>…

HTML Earrings

A little strange, but it sure beats having a Zune tattoo

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Teen: Toilet Water Cleaner Than Fountain, Oregon Student Finds Schools Toilet Water Cleaner Than Fountain Water – CBS News

Some kids in an Oregon school district were caught bringing alcohol into their school using water bottles. Well, the school said “OK, no more water bottles in school.” While I agree that bringing alcohol into school is a problem, I’m not convinced that banning water bottles was the right solution. One student thought the same thing.

This kid took Q-tips and swabbed a handful of drinking fountains throughout the school and used them to grow cultures in petri dishes. He then did the same thing with one of the toilets in the school. The swabs from the drinking fountains were teeming with bacteria, far more so than the toilet.

There’s a little more to it than that. For example, they suspect that the toilet was so much cleaner because it’s regularly doused with strong disinfecting chemicals.

Anyway, they didn’t lift the ban on water bottles, but they have taken measures to keep the fountains cleaner, and some classrooms have made water available to students via coolers.

See the full artlcle here:
Teen: Toilet Water Cleaner Than Fountain, Oregon Student Finds Schools Toilet Water Cleaner Than Fountain Water – CBS News