ABC News: Amazing Science: Apes Talk to Humans

Researchers are actually communicating verbally with apes and having meaningful conversations.  This is just amazing.  One might think this is just a curiosity, but to consider that a non-human animal species can communicate in such a complex manner boggles the mind.

We’ve always known how similar we are to apes genetically, but our opportunity to learn from these guys is limitless if they can share their thoughts and feelings to us.

Link to article: ABC News: Amazing Science: Apes Talk to Humans


Prices Force Station Owners To Stop Selling Gas

Some gas station owners in Wisconsin have stopped selling gas because of the high prices. Apparently, the high prices are forcing them to run with profit margins of less than $0.03 a gallon and that is usually eaten up by credit card processing fees.

The article says that, at 3% per gallon of gas sold, credit card processing fees are the second biggest expense to the gas station.

Doesn’t it seem reasonable that this is just going to drive prices up further? After all, with competition closing up shop, the guy across the street can afford to raise his price without fear that the customer will go elsewhere. This also solves his margin problems and brings him/her back into the black.

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