Take a leap into hyperspace – fundamentals – 05 January 2006 – New Scientist

So, hyperdrive isn’t yet a reality, but it’s not exactly fiction either. A scientist by the name of Heim predicted the possibility back in the ’50s. Problem is, he died and no one else has been able to fully understand his theories. This means he’s either a crackpot and his theories are nothing more than a recipe for beef stew, or he’s so far advanced that we just don’t understand the things that were natural and intuitive to him. Scientists are trying now to figure out if he’s the next Einstein, or the next Martha Stewart.

Heim’s theory talks about a great many things. He discusses Hyperdrive technology and the ways in which his theories could help make this a reality. Such a drive could put us on the moon in 3 hours, Mars in 5. We could be orbiting a planet around the nearest star in 80 hours.

His theories predict the existence of two additional dimensions above the four that modern science now takes for granted. These new dimensions allow for interaction between electromagnetism and gravity such that gravitational pull could be negated by the generation of an electromagnetic field. Heim suggests that manipulation of this idea could lead a properly equipped vessel to slip into one of these new “Hyperspace” dimensions where the altered laws of physics, including a different speed of light, would allow for ‘faster than light’ travel.

As I mentioned above, modern physicists are struggling to understand the theories that Heim has put forth. There’s much that they don’t yet understand, so there’s much theoretical work to be done before they can even verify the math and begin thinking about tests. However, his theories have had some amazing results in other areas. His theorems have “led to a series of formulae for calculating the masses of the fundamental particles – something conventional theories have conspicuously failed to achieve. ”

If you’re interested in reading more about Burkhard Heim and some of his work, you can start with the article in the “New Scientist” called Take a leap into hyperspace – fundamentals – 05 January 2006 – New Scientist


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