What kind of blogger are you?

As I get more into this and start writing more, I try to pay attention to some of the style and formatting things that other people are doing. I’ve noticed a couple of things that have made me wonder what kind of blogger I am.

Some people like to be creative and write their own stuff. They may have some knowledge on a topic and will just pick a topic and share what they know or feel. They may cite a reference or two, but by and large, they generate everything on the fly.

One example of this style is a blog I found called “Don to Earth.” He recently got some attention because of a posting he made called “It Bothers Me That I Have To Go. ” He’s 93 years old, and It was quite and interesting perspective. Don likes to write things from the heart. He has decades of experience in a variety of areas and is eager to share it with others.

On the flipside, you have people who like to scour the ‘net and find things that they think are interesting. They will then make a post about this topic, usually linking to or quoting the article. It may be a Flickr image or a Youtube video, or just a news article. Then, they usually comment on the article or media item and inject their opinion about the topic. An example of this would be Dvorak Uncensored. John C. Dvorak is a columnist with PC Magazine and is involved in many of the podcasts that I receive frequently. You can read more about him here, but his style is to gather works that someone else has created and comment on it. He has a larger following than many other blogs, and he actually employs a staff of contributors to his blog, but the concept is the same.

Where do I fall into this mix? Probably somewhere in the middle, but leaning toward posting stuff that others have done. I get lots of stuff fed to me through RSS feeds, Digg, Technorati, and other sites. It’s a pretty simple matter for me to link to some content, take a position or expand on it in some way and post. I do, however, enjoy writing. I try to post other, more original stuff, like this post. It just takes a few more brain cells to accomplish.

As more people start to see this content and I get a feel for what people like to see, I may change the methods I use, or just do more of the same. On the other hand, if any change is going to mean that I can no longer do this at all, I’ll just do what works for me.

If anyone has an opinion, let me know.


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