Iranian FM: U.S. is incapable to launch attack against Iran

TEHRAN, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) — Iranian Foreign Minister said on Saturday that the United States was in no position to launch military strike against the Islamic Republic, stressing that talks were the only choice to resolve the nuclear standoff.

You know, I sure wish the Foreign Minister hadn’t said that. Bush is going to launch an attack on Iran just so he can prove to the world that the FM was wrong whether it kills off half the military population in the process or not. It’s what my kids would do and I’d expect nothing more or less from Bush.

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2 comments on “Iranian FM: U.S. is incapable to launch attack against Iran

  1. What, you think Bush would make a decision to go to war over something silly like that? Next people will claim he invaded Iraq to finish the job his daddy left undone. I mean, he’s not that stupid, is he? @@ JMO -Doug


  2. I do think he places a very high value on the perception of others on his handling of world events. He’s failed so miserably in everything else he’s tried to do that I think he’s anxious to prove a point in any way he can. He’s escalating troop levels in iraq despite the recommendations of the Baker/Hamilton report, which he commissioned. I’m not sure what the purpose of the report was if he was going to dismiss it so readily, but this only shows that he has motivations that are not readily apparent to the mere mortals of American society.

    Frankly, I hope I’m wrong. The US can’t handle much more ill will. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    I appreciate your comment.


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