Why do people believe in God?

I found an interesting article on this topic. I don’t know this guy’s background, but his questions and assertions made me stop and think. I can see that I’ve fallen into at least a few of the traps he identified.

Some examples of his assertions:

  • there’s something we can’t explain, so God must have done it.
  • the world seems to complex and beautiful to have come into existence by chance
  • you’re afraid of death and want to believe that death is not the end

This list goes on and some of the items are quite intriguing. You can see the whole article here. If you’re so inclined, the comments at the bottom of the article attempt to counter his arguments in favor of faith, although I don’t subscribe to any of the ones I read.

By Kevin Arth Posted in Misc

7 comments on “Why do people believe in God?

  1. Close to #16 (You like the sense of community that comes from belonging to a church.) I think many say they believe to avoid being the looked badly upon.


  2. Jeff, I agree, it can be difficult. I get an awful lot of heat for being atheist and it would be much easier to just pretend in order to avoid the harassment.

    I feel that it’s important that people know that I’m atheist because, hopefully, if they think I’m a decent person, they’ll see that atheism and morals are not mutually exclusive.


  3. It is sad that most people need to believe the unbelievable just to feel good about living. Without that faith they find they lack joy. Sad. I am glad that I am can feel happy living without that necessity.


  4. God…………can’t be real. The bible is a violent fairytale. If god sent Jesus to pay the ultimate price as they preach then why do we live in a world where defenseless innocent children, babies each minute of every day get abused mostly by the parents that brought then into this world that god sent his son to pay the ultimate price for us to have everlasting life. REALLY who are these people and this freaky god they hide behind????????????


  5. As I just wrote the comments above I listen tto the news ……..a mother cooked a 6 week old baby to death in a microwave oven. another father beats a 4 year old to a brutal death, a grandmother makes a 10 year old granddaughter run holding ten pounds of wood until she dies of exahustion. How does GOD allow this in our lives. go ahead and blame satan. how weak is your god that he allows satan to win??? pathetic god


  6. God is true to some false to others a possibility to most. For me i do believe in a higher power but not a god or goddess or something else. I believe in us, the human race or our souls to be more precise. i believe that our souls are recycled through a system powered and run by much older souls who have found the perfect balance between spirit and body. Those souls then place you( your soul) in to life forms about to be born and we live our lives here on earth and if we haven’t leaned what we needed to in this life we are reborn into another body. There is no hell if anything earth being here on this plane of existence is the hell you all speak of. The “angels” of which religion talks about are true but they aren’t warriors or helpers of god they are “retired” souls come down to earth for something. For what i don’t know. I believe there are 3 jobs you can do after your souls has learned all it needs:
    1. a processor- the ones who decide where you will go on earth
    2. a protector- who watches over the other souls in heaven
    3. a guardian-who protects the souls on earth( guarding angel ring any bells?)
    That’s what i believe and that friends is my religion. I haven’t thought of a name yet. Any suggestions?


  7. And might i add that i don’t judge other by there religion and would never do so. people who judge others based on religion sexual preference are ignorant. And to happy Ness: your hearing about all the sad painful news that goes on in life because i feel like its your job to help stop that. Maybe thats your calling in life. It’s kinda like what they say about love, or at least my mother always said this to me, that when your in love all you hear is love songs on the radio. so maybe the reason you are seeing these things is because your meant to in this life or the next help stop the abuse that goes on in home all over the world. Its just a thought. đŸ™‚


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