Praying Mantis Eats Hummingbird

This is unbelievable. A mantis snags a hummingbird in mid-flight.

Link to article

“…this hungry mantis captured and killed a hummingbird not much smaller than itself. The mantis used its spiny left foreleg to impale the hummingbird through the chest while leaving his right leg free.

“We surmised that the mantis ran the hummer through and dangled its full weight on its foreleg while he consumed the flesh of the hummingbird from the abdomen. After he had his fill, the mantis gave his foreleg several swift jerks and freed his leg.”

You know, I found one of these in the yard once and picked it up. It’s an ominous looking bug. I guess I had no idea how right I was. Don’t think I’ll be holding too many more of these things.


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