Aliens at O’Hare

Jury’s still out on this. I don’t know what to think. But this is an interesting story. Many people saw the same thing. Question is what they saw, though.

Check out the article from out of Dayton:

UFO At O’Hare? Some Pilots Think So

These witnesses are ramp workers, managers and pilots. They’re not a bunch of crackpots from the hills of Virginia or Kentucky.

I firmly believe that we’re not alone. However, I also have to subscribe to the school of thought that if any being anywhere had the technology to travel the distances necessary to reach us, they’d be so far advanced of us that they probably wouldn’t care to see us. (Think stepping on an ant).

However, as we have entomologists who are very interested in the insect part of our world and its impact in our lives, I suspect that there is some subset of an alien culture that would have an interest in us from a research perspective. How do we impact their lives, or are we related in some way? We could be of interest from an archaeological standpoint.

On the other hand, considering what must be the immense technological advantage they would have over us, you’d think that one of two things would occur:
1. They don’t want us to know they’re there, in which case, one might think they’d be better at hiding themselves than what we’ve seen to date
2. They want to visit, in which case they’d have landed at terminal C3 and posed for photos (dancing with employees perhaps).


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