Hannah’s Halloween story

Hannah had to write a story in school as a reading assignment. This is what she came up with:

Halloween Freak Out
One time near Halloween on Saturday when everyone was asleep, I was still awake. I was making this really scary ghoste. At lunchtime I planed to get my ghoste, put it over my body, sneak up on my sister, Taylor, and at the right time when I was really close I said…Boo! My sister freaked out. She was so scared she almost fell out of her chair and she droped her spoon. After that my sister, Taylor, got so mad at me. I didn’t hear her scream because I pluged my ears and said bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and so on. So she kept on talking, and finally said, are you listening to me? I said, oh, huh, what and my sister made a grunting noise and slaped her fourhead. She said, when I’m talking you listen. I said, listen, talking? What did you say? She said, you don’t get it. So I said, well see ya later. She said, you come back here now! I said, no, never, never,never!

Now this sounds like a pretty cute story. She makes creative use of vocabulary. I didn’t edit this in any way. It’s all Hannah’s spelling and grammar, and her ideas too. But, what’s so hilarious is the fact that this sounds so much like a conversation that they have just about every day of their lives. As I read this, I can see the expressions on Hannah’s and Taylor’s faces and all the gestures they make so often.

It was just a homework assignment, but I had to share it. It’s so telling! 🙂


Scrybe — Sweet!

OK. This is two videos, and not much to say but Wow! Watch these:

I’ve been migrating my work online over the past several months. All of my word processing is online now between Google Docs and a new one I found, Zoho. I use the same for most spreadsheet work. The only time I go out to Excel these days, is for work related stuff that requires me to write scripts for database access.

The one thing I can’t find is a good online to do list. I’ve used a product called “RememberTheMilk.” It’s OK, but just feels a bit off. Maybe I just didn’t give the interface much time. I’ve been using “Zoho Planner”. It seems a little more robust and certainly looks a bit more professional. However, it still doesn’t have what I need. I need the ability to record notes and have them related somehow to an individual task.

Anyway, this new Scrybe http://iscrybe.com/main/index.php product looks awesome. Not only does it appear to do some of the things that have been missing from other solutions, but it has an ‘offline access’ mode. This is very cool. I can’t wait until they open up registration.

The one thing I’m still waiting for is the ability to sync to my Win CE PDA phone. It seems that Yahoo can do this, but their task and notes functionality is relatively primative compared to some of these other tools. I can’t justify the sacrifice for sync capability. Guess I’m stuck with Outlook for now. MS Office is just so ‘heavy’ on my system, I can’t stand to load it.

IE is the same way. It just seems to bog my system down. I much prefer the leaner Firefox. I like Opera too, but there are far too many sites that don’t work with Opera.

Oh well. My rant is over. Catch you later.

Get the vote out…

Any idea how you’ll vote? All I know is Bush doesn’t seem to have any idea what he’s doing as it relates to Iraq and the war on terror. It conjures the image of a man holding a very large snake by the head. He reached in and grabbed this beast by the head. Now, despite his grip on the head, this snake is kicking his ass. Problem is, he doesn’t know how to get out of it. If he lets go of the beast to get away, it will bite him in the ass, so he’s just holding on for dear life with no way out.

Too many people are dying, American and otherwise. I don’t want to turn and run like we did in Vietnam, but at the same time, is it worth the loss of all these brave people just to save face? I think it’s a little too late for that anyway. We’re already disgraced in the international community.

I’ve never voted along party lines, but I think I may have to start this season. It’s about the lesser of the two evils this year. (of course, isn’t it always)