Salute to our Heroes

A tribute…

This is my Favorite video, but I couldn’t get it to embed into the blog:

Check it out.


North Korea? What can I say but "Oh Crap!"

Well, they did it. They detonated a Trinity class nuke. (CNN Article)

Have you ever seen an underground test? Check this out:

And in case you forgot, or aren’t old enough to remember the cold war or World War II, this is what Hiroshima looked like 61 years ago (I didn’t pick the music):

Isn’t it a shame that the world can’t learn from its mistakes?

Props to the French for their new smoking ban

As of February 1, 2007, smoking will be banned everywhere in France except bars, restaurants, and night clubs. And the ban even extends to them as of January, 2008. When will the US do something?

You can read the whole article here, but here’s just a few interesting facts from the article:

There has been a downturn in sales caused by a 40 percent cigarette price hike in the last three years.

Tobacco sales in France have fallen by 32 percent since the year 2003, partly due to cheaper cigarette prices in bordering countries. A total of 1,500 tobacconists have closed down since then, most of them in border areas.

The French, in their efforts, are preceded by Ireland, Italy and Scotland who have similar bans. Changing public attitudes to smoking and growing acceptance of the risks of passive smoking are both becoming much more widespread.

Some 30 percent of France’s adult population smokes and some 66,000 smokers die each year, according to government statistics. The artcle also notes that 5,000 of those deaths are from second hand smoke. These numbers are directly from the article reference above, and I don’t know the source of the statistics, but compare them to some US numbers I found on the CDC website:

According to CDC data, 23.3% of Americans are smokers.

Another CDC report shows that approximately 438,000 Americans die from Smoking related illnesses.

The number of under 60-year-olds suffering from cardiovascular illnesses fell by 10 percent in the five months following last year’s smoking ban.