Why can’t there be more people in the world like the Dalai Lama…

He’s figured it out…now we just need to hope he can teach the rest of us before it’s too late.

The article from the Dayton Daily News:

Dalai Lama Urges Compassion, Love

The title seems a little corny, but read the article. He’s talking about the violence in the world, in particular (but not exclusively) between the US and the Islamic people since the WTC attacks.

He’s right, The world is globalizing. Communications is global, the economy is global, the Internet is global. We need to start thinking globally and stop treating each other like ‘foreigners.’

In the article, he’s quoted as urging “tolerance and understanding.” On this point, I disagree. By seeking tolerance, he’s suggesting that there’s something to tolerate. I say we’re all equal and the only thing there is to understand is that we all have a right to live our lives the way we see fit without the fear that someone will disagree with our beliefs and bomb our church or grocery store for it.

By Kevin Arth Posted in News

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