Bolivian President…Wow!

I get a podcast called Democracy Now. Today, Amy Goodman interviewed the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales. This guy’s got his act together. For example:

  • When elected, he cut his salary and the salary of his senior staff in half and redirected those funds back into health and education.
  • He had a $1,000,000 campaign fund for his election. he spent less than half of that and returned the rest.
  • He campaigned on 9 points, essentially making 9 promises to his constituents. He’s already achieved 6 of them

He just seems like an amazing leader. I wish he could mentor our President. I think Bush could stand to learn a thing or two from Mr. Morales.

Follow this link to view the transcript of the interview or access an audio of the interview. This guy is impressive.

Bolivian President Evo Morales on Latin America, U.S. Foreign Policy and the Role of the Indigenous People of Bolivia

If you’re looking for good, in depth news coverage on current events topics that attempts to consider alternate perspectives, I’d highly recommend Democracy Now. I get a daily podcast, but there’s a website that can be viewed and it looks like they offer RSS headlines also. Great stuff. Check it out.

By Kevin Arth Posted in News

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