Middle East — Iran

So, we’ve just paid Isreal to decimate Lebanon. Now we’re trying to start a war with Iran. Iran’s willing to talk to us, but we won’t talk to them unless they quit their enrichment activities first. Iran wants to talk before they suspend activities. I don’t get it. Bush is acting like a baby fighting over his favorite toy.

We’ve been in Iraq for, what, three years; Afghanastan nearly that long. We have so many troops over there now (nearly 140,000), how can we wage war on so many fronts. We’re already recalling inactive reserves. How much more thinly can we spread our troops out.

BTW, I have a nephew in the Army (Airborne, I think). He’s been there for one tour. They’re thinking of sending him back. Not his first pick of duty station, if I recall.

By Kevin Arth Posted in News

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