iTunes Fiasco

OK. I’m pretty much tied to my iPod all day every day. I’m a huge music buff, but when I got into this iPod phenomenon, I learned about podcasts and have been addicted.

Recently, Apple released the new version of iTunes, Version 7. I upgraded and allowed it to upgrade the iPod firmware to 1.2 also. This was the biggest mistake I could have made. It upgraded fine, but suddenly I had trouble getting podcasts to work. Some would work and others wouldn’t.

It wasn’t a podcast thing, because I’ve been subscribed to some of these for months. It wasn’t a hardware thing, because it was fine just hours earlier and, even now, would play music files without any problems. It had to be the sofware update.

I went to the Apple Forums to see if anyone had experienced anything like this or come up with a solution to the problem I was having. Not only had no one posted a workable solution, but this problem and many others were very widespread. It’s all over the net about the problems people are having.

So, long story short (too late, I guess), I had to back out the update and revert back to the old version and firmware. This process is somewhat tricky. If anyone’s interested, I can post the details on how to do this.

I like some of the features of the new update, so I hope they fix it soon. However, they’re not so compelling as to want to deal with the technical issues to enjoy them.


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